Why don't you add this feature or setting?

1. Lack of focus is kills startups; the number of things you can work on pre-product market fit is finite

2. Settings after often (but not always) a sign of underdeveloped product thinking

3. Most users don't want settings; they don't want to do work; it should just work out of the box; finding the right default is critical

4. Giving power users a setting means you'll get less feedback if the default isn't working, since average users don't complain, they just stop using the app

5. Power users often want very different things than average users

6. 99% of new features should be focused on the solving the existential problem. Farcaster existential issue is growing daily active users, which means figuring out the right defaults. And upstream of growing daily active users is growing the supply of interesting and entertaining content.

7. Part of prioritization is making the right investments in scalability, e.g. why we have some people working on Hubs right now

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