Stuff to build on Farcaster

10 free ideas

Stuff to build on Farcaster

  1. Waitlist frame — make it easy to sign up for a product launch; send a direct cast then the product is launching or allowing batches of users off the waitlist

  2. Airdrop to everyone in a thread action — for a given cast, extract the connected addresses on Ethereum or Solana for all replies engaged with by host, or simply everyone who liked the cast

  3. Send a direct cast to everyone who liked a cast action

  4. Follow everyone who replied to a cast and engaged with by the cast author, e.g. in an AMA

  5. Follow Friday action — @alice starts a follow Friday cast and then anyone she is following can submit 3 people to follow; 1 click follow all of the recommended people (spammers won’t be followed by @alice so no need to worry about that)

  6. Tinder PWA or simple mobile app for finding new users to follow

  7. Top 25 most liked casts from people you follow in a daily digest newsletter, send via direct cast

  8. Any time a cast >50 likes from people you follow, send as a direct cast

  9. NFT pre-release frame + direct cast — similar to the waitlist idea, have a way to get notified about a new NFT drop before public launch

  10. Summary of new people with power badge every Tuesday morning sent via direct cast

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