Cast action ideas

1. Gated polls based on criteria — you can only vote if...

a. Onchain activity — age of wallet, token balance, holding an NFT

b. Farcaster activity — age of account, # of followers, OpenRank or Power Badge

2. Remind me — useful for live virtual events like Farhouse, Unlonely, /tabletop game night; creates a frame with a single button to remind the user via a programmatic DC 1 hour or 15 minutes before event is live

3. Waitlist — useful for building excitement about a consumer app launch; creates a frame with single button to join the wailist; admin UI is a table of FIDs and relevant metrics, ability to invite users to the app via a programmatic DC

4. Prop bet — creates a frame with a description, $ amount, odds and resolver (i.e. 3rd party who decides who won the bet) for a prop bet against the caster. Transaction on Base in USDC? Degen?

5. Copy trade — creates a frame with a single button / txn that allows you to clone a portfolio (via a consolidated multi-swap txn, not sure if possible)

6. Amazon product link frame — create a frame with an Amazon product, frame creator has an affiliates account, pays you out a % in a crypto

7. Fundraiser — GoFundMe campaign in a frame. Allow the ability for the author to specify another Farcaster user, e.g. a charity, funds go to connected address, track successful payments / leaderboard for biggest contributors

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